About CSA changes

Child maintenance arrangements made through the Child Support Agency will be ending between now and 2017. You should continue with your CSA payments until you hear from the Child Support Agency – they will usually give you at least 6 months’ notice of when your arrangement will end.

A standard calculation is used to work out CSA payments.

This formula takes into account:

  • the paying parent’s income
  • the number of children who need child maintenance
  • how often those children stay overnight with the paying parent
  • if there are any other children who the paying parent (or their partner) get child benefit for
  • if the paying parent also pays child maintenance for any other children

The formula for working out child maintenance payments is the same when the parent is self-employed, although they then have to provide evidence of their income themselves.

If you think your CSA payments are wrong, you should contact the CSA straight away.

The Child Support Agency contact number that you need depends on which CSA office manages your case. For a full list of Child Support Agency contact numbers, go to gov.uk/child-maintenance/contact.You can also search for your local CSA office to find the CSA contact number you need.

You should use one of these numbers if you have a Child Support Agency case that was opened after March 2003 and you have a specific question about your case.

You should call the CSA helpline if you have a question about a Child Support Agency case that was opened between 1993 and March 2003. These are called 1993 scheme cases. The CSA helpline can help you if you have a specific question about your 1993 scheme case.

General questions about the Child Support Agency

You can contact the Child Support Agency if you have a general question about how the Child Support Agency works. However you may get an answer to a general question more quickly by looking at the child maintenance information on gov.uk.

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