Research shows that if you and your child’s other parent can work things out together, it can prove less stressful for your child and better for your future relationship.

Facts about family-based arrangements:

  • Free to set up.
  • Simple and quick to arrange.
  • A simple agreement between both parents.
  • It’s helpful to put it in writing.
  • Payments are more likely to be made in full and on time.
  • It’s not just about passing money from one parent to another. It can include buying things like school uniforms or day trips directly for your child. You could even count childcare as child maintenance if you both agree to it.
  • You can change your arrangement as your circumstances change (as long as you both agree).
  • Help is available from Child Maintenance Options.

Child Maintenance Options has a range of free tools to help you make a family-based arrangement, including a child maintenance calculator and a discussion guide to help you have a conversation about child maintenance. You can also speak to them over the phone or chat online.

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