It’s normal for children of any age to feel anxious and sad as your family separates. Try to understand they may struggle to cope with their level of stress.

They may find it hard to cope with these negative emotions.

Look out for withdrawn or disruptive signals

Your child might stop doing so well at school. And you might see more changes in behaviour at home or at school.

  • Tell your child’s school about the changes to your family life.
  • Ask the school to look out for bad behaviour like missing school, bullying or being bullied.
  • If you’re worried, arrange to see your child’s form teacher, school nurse, or other senior professional.
  • Encourage your child to talk about how they feel.
  • If your child finds it hard to talk to you, suggest they talk to someone else they get on with – like a grandparent.
  • Many schools offer a child’s counselling service.
  • Ask your GP or your child’s school to refer you to a counselling service.
  • Try to agree how you’ll tackle bad behaviour with the other parent.
  • Involve your ex-partner in school activity like parent’s evenings or concerts.

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