Being on your own after separation or divorce and being a “single parent” can feel exhausting and lonely. Try to give yourself time to get used to your new life. Simply talking things through with someone may help you to think a bit more clearly. Talking to your friends and family for support may help.

A problem that single parents often face is the fact that they are so focused around helping their child to cope they forget about looking after themselves. As a new single parent you will be going through a lot of emotional upheaval, so it’s natural to not feel “yourself”. Instead, look around you for support from friends, family and others. There are plenty of organisations who can help with practical details and also with emotional support should you feel you need it.

It may help to speak to single parents who are parenting alone. On-line forums and other single groups can be an enormous source of support. Do not feel you have to bare your soul for all to see. Instead, just start by joining in on conversations and reading about other people’s experiences. It’s always helpful to find that you are not on your own.

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