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What is Legal Aid?

Legal aid can help meet legal costs in all kinds of cases. In family cases, legal aid can help cover the costs of:

  • Family mediation, including legal advice on any agreement you reach.
  • Legal advice and representation in court for family cases if;
  • you are under 18
  • you or your children have been hurt, abused or threatened by your partner
  • you are in a forced marriage

Over the past few years there have been a number of changes regarding who qualifies for legal aid for a divorce.

In order to qualify for legal aid for divorce, you will usually need to show that you cannot afford to pay for the legal aid yourself and you will need to demonstrate that you or your child:

  • have been the victim of abuse
  • you are in a forced marriage
  • that you are under 18

You may also need to contribute to the costs or pay it back later.

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