These are the terms and conditions of completing the form Advertise your services on the Sorting out Separation website.

Read the DWP personal information charter to find out how we use personal data, why, and what for. It also explains how to ask for a copy of the personal information we hold about you.

By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to the following:

Where you have given personal information, we will:

  • make sure you know why we need it
  • only ask for what we need
  • make sure nobody has access to it who should not
  • keep it secure
  • tell you if we share it with other organisations
  • ask you to agree to us sharing your information, for appropriate business use
  • only keep it for as long as we need to
  • not make it available for commercial use (such as marketing) without your permission

In return, we ask you to:

  • give us accurate information
  • tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes, such as a change of contact details

How we will use your information

The information provided in this form will be controlled and maintained by DWP to ensure that we can contact you about the HSSF Mark or your record within the published list of mark holders.

We will use the information provided in this form to publish details of your service within a list of HSSF mark holders currently published on the
Find help near you‘ tool on the Sorting out Separation website.

For future updates of our systems, we retain the right to publish this list on other government owned websites, including GOV.UK.

Please note that where the information provided contains an individual’s name (for example within an email address), we will need consent from that specific person to publish their information.

DWP may contact you to request amendments to your response; or we may choose not to include information within the published list of HSSF mark holders where there are concerns that the information provided might:

  • be inaccurate or misleading
  • not support the principles of the HSSF mark
  • DWP will, where deemed appropriate, translate the information provided into Welsh in order to make the list of HSSF mark holders available to Welsh Language Speakers. We may also indicate within your record whether your service is available for Welsh speaking users.

    When we may contact you

    We will contact you approximately every 12 months to check that your details are correct and to ensure that the information we provide to the public is up-to-date.

    Where you have an existing record on the published list of HSSF mark holders and are sent a new form to confirm that your details are correct, non return of this form within 30 days of being sent will result in your records being removed from the website.

    Where you have been awarded the HSSF mark by an Umbrella Organisation (Family Mediators Association; National Family Mediation; National Association of Child Contact Centres; Relate; Relationships Scotland or Resolution), we may share the information provided with the awarding body in order to confirm your award and ensure that the records around the HSSF mark are accurate.

    Remove your information from the website

    You can withdraw your consent to publish this information within the list of HSSF mark holders and opt out of receiving newsletters by emailing the HSSF support team. Your details will be removed from the published list and associated information regarding your service will be deleted from our records within 10 working days from receipt.