It’s normal to go through a hard time and feel shocked or angry when you separate from a partner. But negative thoughts can cloud your judgement, which could then start affecting your relationships with the people around you.

Stress can affect the way you think, feel and act.

  • Stress can also lead to depression
  • Stress can bring real pain or discomfort

Dealing with stress will help you deal with your separation and enable you to start building your new life. If you do not address any problems associated with stress, this may lead to depression.

Sometimes, when the stress gets a little too much, you can become depressed. Depression is far more than “feeling sad” some of the time. It is a recognized illness that affects many people. Dealing with depression is something you can start to do by yourself, by taking some small positive steps.

  • Share your worries with friends or family
  • Think positively. It may not sound easy, but by taking time out to relax or doing something you really enjoy, could help your mood lift.
  • Exercise can also help to lift your mood, help you sleep better and clear your thoughts.
  • Short walks are another simple solution that could really help.
  • If you feel that your stress and depression are having a major impact on your life, speak to a charity like Mind or to your GP.

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